The Dr. Hildegarde E. Peplau Award provides an opportunity to a Registered Nurse who wishes to pursue education at the master's or doctoral level in psychiatric/mental health nursing. Preference will be given to those whose focus of study includes an interpersonal perspective in nurse-client, family, peer or community relationships. Preference will be given to members of the MHNIG.

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To support a Registered Nurse (RN) completing research in the field of mental health nursing. Preference will be given to RNs who possess current CNA Certification in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, whose research is focused on the advancement of mental health nursing practice and who are members of the MHNIG.

Applicants must have a completed nursing research proposal including a dissemination plan. Received funding from the MHNIG for this project should be acknowledged in any publications or presentations that result from the project. Upon completion of research, a report of results must be submitted to RNFOO and MHNIG. This report will be published in the MHNIG newsletter.