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ONEIG's Members' Voices from RNAO's 2021 AGM starting @13:04mins
ONEIG Members' Voices RNAO AGM 2020

On Sept 25th, prior to the fall 2019 Canadian federal election, ONEIG facilitated a webinar with Gideon Forman of the David Suzuki Foundation. In our current global context of a climate emergency and its related devastating human health impacts, it is imperative to mobilize the nursing climate action vote. This hour-long interactive webinar on climate change explored the opportunities for nursing advocacy in the context of a federal election.

Key learning objectives included understanding:

  • Why the upcoming federal election was important in relation to Canada’s role in mitigating climate change
  • The RNAO's federal election environmental platform
  • Ways to mobilize the vote for climate action in our communities while remaining non-partisan

A toolkit to accompany this webinar is available here.