Environmental Justice

When we change our perspective, we can see.. that everything is connected.. the connections between us. We can see the sources of hope. We can transition to a more just world.  - ONEIG member

The COVID-19 pandemic compounds the harms experienced by historically marginalized communities. We must seize the opportunity to collectively recover from this time as one for positive change to build stronger, healthier communities, including healthy environmental public policy that challenges structural inequities, including those manifested in environmental racism. ONEIG is encouraging its members to spread the word of the Just Recovery Campaign.

Holding life

When it comes to climate, countries . . . are at the mercy of actions taken by people on the other side of the planet. The Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, could reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions to zero and nevertheless be submerged under the rising waves if other countries don’t follow suit. - Yuval Noah Harari

If this strikes you as tragic, which it should, consider that we have all the tools we need, today, to stop it all: a carbon tax and the political apparatus to aggressively phase out dirty energy; a new approach to agricultural practices and a shift away from beef and dairy in the global diet; and public investment in green energy and carbon capture. - David Wallace-Wells