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ONEIG represents RNs in Ontario who wish to work together, towards improving environmental health. Our objectives include engaging, educating (in the most broad sense) and empowering RNs to take actions as individuals, partners, and in communities, with ongoing support from membership in ONEIG.

Environmental health issues are ecological and global. Nurses in Ontario must organize together as a group, to have a more effective venue with which to participate and influence all levels of government, including nationally and internationally.

Environmental health may not be a part of the RN’s job description, or outlined in the duties and responsibilities for employment. Incorporation of environmental health issues into the nursing scope of practice is an emerging issue. RNs would benefit from having a forum for open discussion, and debate, to better understand the opportunities for environmental health in the delivery of nursing interventions.

To illuminate the link between the environment and health, and to promote healthy sustainable environments through nursing leadership.