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Talking Targets: Canada’s Climate Future

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Welcome to “Talking Targets: Canada’s Climate Future” -- Environment and Climate Change Canada’s engagement on the 2035 emissions reduction target!

Letter to the Editor regarding Ontario Provincial Government’s “Get it Done Act”

On February 20 the Ontario government introduced Bill 162, the “Get it Done” act.  Seemingly undeterred by the recent Greenbelt land swap scandal, this bill incentivizes developers to continue to build bigger more expensive homes (McMansions) away from established municipalities. This, despite established wisdom from the business pages of the Toronto Star and the government’s own Housing Task Force recommending that Ontario channel its construction infrastructure into supporting denser lower cost housing in existing built-up areas.  Density is needed to end car dependence and make transit more cost effective, thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Bill 162 also proposes streamlining the Environmental Assessment process so that developers can proceed more quickly in expropriating land and destroying environmentally sensitive areas. Presently there is a federal environmental assessment occurring in the proposed Highway 413 route. Twenty-three species are listed as endangered, threatened or of special concern along the route. Ontario needs natural areas and habitats to preserve our natural heritage and as a carbon sink to mitigate the climate crisis.    According to Environmental Defense, Highway 413 would cause over 17 million tonnes of additional CO2 emissions by 2050, the same date when Canada is supposed to be reaching net zero emissions.

To be willfully blind to the evident climate crisis and continue a destructive path that harms the health and well being of Ontarians is corrupt, immoral and foolish. 

Brenda Hutton, RN

Member at Large, Ontario Nurses for the Environment Interest Group, RNAO

Main reference is Environmentaldefence.ca

ONEIG Webinar: Patterns of Caring Among Planetary Health Nurses

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Nurses who participate in environmental interest groups should be supported, valued, and championed for their unique contribution to practices that promote and sustain planetary health.

Join us on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. for an online presentation and discussion of nursing research that celebrates the work of nurses for planetary health.


AGM Sept 20, 2023 with speaker Dr. Barbara Sattler

Join us Wednesday Sept 20, 2023 to connect with the Ontario Nurses for the Environment, learn about what we're doing and help us build a movement for action on the environmental determinants of health! 

We have an INCREDIBLE speaker joining us, Dr. Barbara Sattler, professor, author, campaign builder, and advocate for the environment and health! 

AGM 7--8pm; Speaker 8-9pm EST.

Hope to see you there! 

Minutes from the last AGM to review and check out our poster! 


Cost of Interest Group: $20 for RN/NP and FREE for student members of RNAO 2022-2023 membership year! 

ONEIG represents RNs in Ontario who wish to work together, towards improving environmental health. Our objectives include engaging, educating (in the most broad sense) and empowering RNs to take actions as individuals, partners, and in communities, with ongoing support from membership in ONEIG.

Environmental health issues are ecological and global. Nurses in Ontario must organize together as a group, to have a more effective venue with which to participate and influence all levels of government, including nationally and internationally.

Environmental health may not be a part of the RN’s job description, or outlined in the duties and responsibilities for employment. Incorporation of environmental health issues into the nursing scope of practice is an emerging issue. RNs would benefit from having a forum for open discussion, and debate, to better understand the opportunities for environmental health in the delivery of nursing interventions.

To illuminate the link between the environment and health, and to promote healthy sustainable environments through nursing leadership.

Quarterly Meeting Flyer: March 22nd from 730-9pm

Quarterly Meeting Flyer: 'Building a Community of Care for People and our Environment' March 22nd from 730-9pm
Join our Quarterly Meeting!

Ontario Nurses for the Environment Interest Group

Join us for an opportunity to share your vision for ONEIG with the launch of our new member survey, get updates from the ONEIG executive, speak about the issues on your mind, and ground yourself with a shared mindfulness exercise led by our co-chair, Josalyn Radcliffe.  REGISTER NOW!

And while you're here: ONEIG and RNAO has been working with CAPE-ON on the campaign 'Fossil Fuel Ads Make Us Sick', the campaign just launched a new action to speak out against the sponsorship of Winterlude by Enbridge, the natural gas company. Read more and support the campaign here! 

We also have a NEW initiative to bring our collective voices together ahead of Earth Day 2023. 

Check out this video by our student liaison Emma and connect with us via email oneigrnao@gmail.com or social media to add your voice! 

Thank you to all of you for your support! We hope to see you on the 22nd (drop-in for as much time as you have)! 

In solidarity,

Your ONEIG executive 

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See the full post in the following link: https://chapters-igs.rnao.ca/interestgroup/36/email/3350.

Climate Change and Mental Health

Title: The Intersection of the Climate Crisis and Anxiety. January 22nd 5pm on Zoom. Special guests: Dr. Adler Nero, medical student Max Silverman, and RN Natania Abebe. Compassionately, Gili, Max and Natania will illuminate the darkness of criss-crossing climate change and anxiety.
The Intersection of Climate Change and Anxiety

REGISTER NOW: https://www.beby.org/event/january22

On January 22nd at 5pm, ONEIG will be collaborating to host a webinar on eco-anxiety and eco-grief.

This session will be lead by Dr. Gili Adler Nevo (Head of Child & Adolescent Anxiety Clinic at Michael Garron Hospital), medical student Max Silverman engaged in Global Health, and RN Natania Abebe, UBC grad student completing a dual master's degree in Public Health and Nursing who recently completed a film on climate change and mental health.  

Reach out to oneigrnao@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions for future events (and if you'd like to be a part of planning a campaign or event!). 


1 min ONEIG 2022 in review

Hands off the Greenbelt

Screenshot of the Action Alert from RNAO's website that states "Hands off the Greenbelt, Premier!"
Hands off the Greenbelt


In fall 2022, ONEIG and RNAO staff worked together to respond to bill 23, guided by evidence presented by experts in housing, environment, and planning. We put together an Action Alert asking the government to keep 'Hands Off the Greenbelt" and withdraw/repeal bill 23 and submitted an official response to the committee responsible for public consultation. The ONEIG executive and members have continued to advocate through multiple channels and partnerships.

Flyer: ONEIG quarterly meeting

Flyer that states ONEIG invites you: Quarterly Meeting December 5 7-8:30pm featuring biodiversity trivia, guest talk by behavioural ecologist Dr. Ann Patterson and ONEIG activity updates
Biodiversity Quarterly Meeting Flyer

ONEIG Quarterly meeting video now live!

If you missed our latest meeting and Dr. Patterson's talk on biodiversity- you can see it here now! 


While you're there, subscribe to our channel! 

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2022 AGM: Time to talk Nursing, Food, and Ecology

Green background graphic that states ONEIG Annual General Meeting featuring talks from two guest speakers: Kerrie Pickering and Katie North. Please join us Sept 28th 2022 7:30-930EST

Are you Emergency Prepared?

From Ukraine to Canada learn similarities as you get emergency ready. Sunday Nov 13th 3-4pm EST with Alain Normand with ADRA
Are you Emergency Prepared?