Focal Issues

ONEIG strives to provide a provincial forum to build capacity and educate RNs through
discussion, debate, transfer of knowledge, and evidence-based resources on
environmental health.

ONEIG is comprised of committed volunteers seeking to empower RNs, with a united provincial presence, to influence public policy and public engagement, which is beneficial to environmental health at all, levels of local governance.

Environmental health, a branch of public health concerned with the intersection of human health and illness and environmental factors, is multifaceted and underscore the deeply interconnected nature of life on earth. 

The health of the environment that sustains humans and life on earth is threatened in many ways: a changing climate and more extreme weather; contamination and degradation of soil, water, and air; and laws that put profit before people and health. It can be challenging to reconcile the need for broad systemic changes to create a greener, healthier and more equitable world with our capacity and ability as individuals. ONEIG volunteers speak out for and work towards a greener healthier world in many ways, highlighted (but not limited to!) as focal issues: water protection, climate action, and environmental justice.

The reason to preserve wilderness is that we need it. We need wilderness of all kinds, large and small, public and private. We need to go now and again into places where our work is disallowed, where our hopes and plans have no standing. - Wendell Berry

Green canopy