ONE-IIOE Update: Earth Day!

Posted on April 22, 2024, 11:10 a.m.

Happy Earth Day Ontario Nurses for the Environment!

Today is Earth Day and this year’s theme is plastics. To mark this, Canada is hosting the UN’s INC-4 conference in Ottawa this week to deal with global plastics pollution. One of our partners, CAPE, has a letter writing campaign to Environment Minister Steven Guilbault asking for a global plastics pollution treaty. You can sign the form letter here.


Do you want to get more involved? Our interest group elections are coming up. Some roles are bigger commitments while others are less. If we get multiple people for one role, then it will go to a vote, but we will make sure to find an alternative role for you so you can be included!

Roles coming open: Co-chair, Finance, Social Media, Webmaster, Policy and Political ENO, Workplace Liaison, Membership ENO, Student Liaison

Some roles already have people volunteering in them that are up for re-election or are interim. Other roles are completely vacant which we would like to fill. A formal call-out with application forms will be sent out in the near future. If you are interested, it would be beneficial for you to email us so that we can help guide you to the role that best fits your strengths.


New community of practice - kicking off on April 26

On Friday, April 26 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET, the ONE-IIOE will be hosting the first meeting for the Greening Nursing School Community of Practice. This is a place for nursing educators and those interested in nursing education.

The goal is to collaboratively find ways to make nursing school both environmentally sustainable operationally,  as well as to find ways to weave planetary health into an already jam-packed entry to practice curriculum. If you are already working on such projects, please share them at the meeting as they will inspire others. If you are looking for ways to start something, but unsure where to start, come looking for inspiration. Through networking we can all support each other in our initiatives.

The hope is to meet bimonthly so that we can build momentum. Register via this link: 


ONE-IIOE quarterly meeting – April 19

The ONE-IIOE Quarterly Meeting is coming up on Monday, April 29 from 7:30–9 p.m. ET. After a brief discussion about business, our featured discussion will be “Looking into the future by learning from the past, reducing waste in nursing”. Our guest speakers from the Retired Nurses Interest Group will discuss how nursing practice has changed over the decades with the increase of single-use plastics. How did they perform quality patient care that met infection control standards before single-use plastics? How can we learn from these past practices to make nursing practice more sustainable in today and in the future?

Please register via this link:


Event: How Canadian Nurses are Advancing Planetary Health – May 8 

On Wednesday, May 8 at 12 p.m. ET, there is a collaborative event with the Ontario Nurses for the Environment (ONE-IIOE), the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment (CANE) and the Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare.  join us in celebrating nurses’ week by engaging with several nursing leaders who are actively advancing planetary health. From international action all the way to local advocacy, we are bringing together four incredible nurses who are working hard to protect the health of both people and the planet. Register via this link:


Webinar: Furthering climate action with Sacred Earth Solar – May 27

On Monday, May 27 at 7 p.m. ET, ONE will be hosting a webinar with Sacred Earth Solar - an Indigenous, women-led clean energy organization. They use their solar energy projects to further their climate action and indigenous self-determination initiatives. Register via this link: 


Webinar: Decarbonizing pension plans – Sept. 19 – save the date! 

On Thursday, Sept. 19 at 1 p.m. ET, Dr. Doris Grinspun will be speaking at a collaborative webinar with the RNAO, CANE and Shift Action to discuss decarbonizing pension plans (including HOOPP). The fossil fuel companies, who are largely responsible for climate change and the destruction of many ecosystems, are able to operate because they receive financing from the banks and investment portfolios including pension plans. Stay tuned for registration details.


Partner initiative: National health-care forest

With the help of our partners, the Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare is helping to create a national health-care forest! 

Trees and plants are essential for human health and well-being, as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation. They also bring beauty into surrounding neighbourhoods and communities. Health-care facilities can take the lead in creating carbon sinks, bringing back biodiversity, and improving health and well-being simply by re-wilding their facilities with trees and various plants. These plantings can include trees, shrubs, pollinator plants, natural grasses, rain gardens, healing gardens and more. Staff, clinicians and patients would be able to enjoy the restorative benefits of viewing and, when possible, walking through health-care forests - a natural landscape meant for regeneration, relaxation, and healing.The coalition has worked with several tree charities over the past two years and have collectively planted 2400 trees at over 20 different sites.

If you are interested in planting trees or shrubs at your facility, please reach out to the coalition via this link: 


Sign CAPE’s Petition: Big Oil’s Lies Cost Lives – Support Bill C-372

Like big tobacco used to, oil and gas companies spend millions every year blanketing the airwaves and social media making false claims to protect their profits at our expense. But now we have the opportunity to stop the disinformation and greenwashing in its tracks. Bill C-372, a private member's bill tabled by New Democrat MP Charlie Angus, would ban the promotion and advertising of fossil fuels just like tobacco advertising is banned.

Fossil fuels are driving climate change and causing skyrocketing levels of deadly pollution – Fossil-fuel pollution is directly linked to up to 34,000 premature deaths in Canada per year and over eight million deaths globally.

Sign the petition now to support this important legislation and ensure its speedy passage into law.


Opportunity to participate in study on "green teams"

Maya Kalogirou is a Post-Doctoral Fellow who is currently working with Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch (study PI) at the University of British Columbia. Together, they are examining the landscape of green teams and sustainability offices associated with Canadian hospitals. The study aims to understand more about green teams/sustainability offices, the work they do in terms of reducing waste, energy, and emissions, how they are situated within the hospital setting, and what factors support or challenge their abilities to conduct their work.

If you are interested in participating, there are some important details you should know. There are two components to this study: 1) an online survey, and 2) a one-on-one interview.

Part 1: The survey ( will ask you questions about yourself and the work you do with your green team/sustainability office. It will take about 30 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you wish to participate in Part 2 of this study, which entails a one-on-one interview.