ONEIG Update

Posted on July 5, 2022, 4:16 p.m.

Hello ONEIG!

We hope you are keeping well and have time to enjoy the summer. At our last quarterly meeting, we revealed the results of our election. We are also considering adding new positions given the increased interest this year in joining the team- please reach out if you would like to get more involved or initiate a project! 

Without further delay here is our newly updated ONEIG Executive:

Co-chairs: Josalyn Radcliffe (2021-2023) and Rob Samulack (2022-2024)
Finance: Victoria Ralph (2021-2023)
Policy and Political Action: Olivia Brundia and Dominique Baillargeon (2022-2024)
Student Liaison: Emma Ayukawa (2022-2024)
CANE liaison: Hilda Swirsky (2021-2023)
Social Media: Cleo Danforth (2022-2024)
Membership: Samson Agbom (2022-2024)
Communications: Jessica Burford (2021-2023)

Thank you to Kelsey Lothian, our exec member who is ‘retiring’ this year. We will miss you and the ways you brought the role to life. 

And we wouldn’t miss the chance to spread the word about some interesting projects and learning opportunities. Enjoy! 

Something To Watch:
The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance (which RNAO is a member) has released the videos of its recent series: The Expert’s Guide to Building Sustainable Communities. Find them here:   

Something to Read:
Beware of greenwashing and public relations strategies by the oil and gas industry:

Something to Listen To:

Check out these podcasts suggested by the United Nations Climate Change:… 

Opportunity: Toronto-Area Nurse Advocate Wanted: 
The Plastics Project is a people-focused video series spearheaded by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), in collaboration with Environmental Defence, and Breast Cancer Action Quebec.  The project illustrates three key components of the plastic problem:

1) The "Lifecycle" of Plastics from cradle to grave;
2) Plastic and Human Health;
3) Plastic and Climate Change.

Our aim is to bring to light the many ways in which plastic - from the extraction of oil in unceded territories to the exportation of plastic waste to the global south - negatively impacts the health of our environment and our bodies.  We are looking for a physician/nurse who is willing to be featured in a video! 

Contact Helen Boyd if interested in learning more:

Until next time,

Your ONEIG co-chairs
Rob and Josalyn