Nursing Week 2022 (May 9-15)

Posted on May 9, 2022, 8:44 a.m.

Dear Members,

Your executive team for the Mental Health Nursing Interest Group wishes to extend its gratitude for your excellence, acknowledgement of the obstacles and profound challenges faced by nurses each day, and best wishes for a bright future to help you celebrate Nursing Week 2022.  

Mental health and self-care are critically important, especially during times of crisis. During the past few years, we have been faced with unprecedented pressure and stress as a result of the pandemic. As always, nurses have continued to demonstrate strength, knowledge and courage when meeting these challenges head on. We know first hand how it feels to work in a system that has been stretched to its limits. Despite the struggles, we as nurses continue to advocate for our professional standards and practice, and for all Ontarians whose lives we touch every day. 

RNAO thanks each and every nurse, always, and especially during Nursing Week. As an association, we remain on guard and on duty to support the public and each nurse during and after the pandemic. We acknowledge every nurse for your contribution and unwavering commitment to Ontarians and to our profession.

Please take time this Nursing Week to reflect on your experiences, challenges, and triumphs over the past year. Remember that you are not alone, and we will continue to support and celebrate one another. You give us the strength to continue doing our best, and we are proud to represent such an amazing membership. Thank you for all you do, every day!

- Your MHNIG executive team