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SNIG Theme 2022-23

Don't Delay! Become the Nurse You Want to be Today!

Cost of Interest Group: $25; free for undergraduate nursing students

The Staff Nurse Interest Group (SNIG), represents all regions in Ontario, and believes that staff nurses should provide a leadership role during these constant times of transition. There is an acute need for renewal and reinvesting in ourselves and in our profession to improve Health Care in Ontario.

Therefore, our mandate is:

  • To strengthen communication with our members and ensure we care for ourselves and for others.
  • To value continuing education and professional growth and development.
  • To use technology to provide knowledge, inspiration and celebrate our staff nurse role.
  • To encourage Staff Nurses to : Be the Nurse You Want to Work With!

We achieve our mandate by offering an ongoing exchange of ideas through live and virtual events,social media platforms and represent SNIG members at RNAO events .

We build professional relationships amongst staff through various means.(ie networking) in order to influence positive changes in our practice areas.

We aspire to be the best version of ourselves as nurses knowing that the best care starts by caring for ourselves . We value leadership, quality care, advocacy and caring and we  make a difference at the many points of care — homes, hospitals, continuing care, long-term care, and community.


Executive:  Contact : staffnurseinterestgroup@gmail.com
Chair: Brenda Hutton
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Treasurer: Brenda Hutton
Membership: Brad Manuel
Communications:  Una Ferguson
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