Newsflash! Greetings from the chair of the Staff Nurse Interest Group

Posted on Oct. 21, 2023, 11:22 a.m.

Greetings to all members of the Staff Nurse Interest Group (SNIG)!

* I  have been an executive member of SNIG for several years. Since June, I have been the new chair for SNIG. Our past chair is Lhamo Dolkar, who is now president-elect for RNAO and very occupied with that role. Una Ferguson and Paula Manuel are also long-term executive members who are very active in RNAO. Our other executive members are Brad Manuel and two student members, Hannah Booth and Morgan Kennedy. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: We desperately need new executive members – both RNs and students. Una and I are now retired as staff nurses – we need people who are front-line nurses to give fresh perspectives.

In my opinion, to get the most out of your RNAO membership and to feel really involved one should become an executive officer with an interest group or chapter. I have made solid friendships and learned so much from nurses through RNAO. The meetings keep us enthusiastic and positive about our profession. The work is interesting and involves a few hours per month. We meet monthly by Zoom for one hour or less and there may be a webinar to attend or host. As chair, I also attend all RNAO assemblies in Toronto, and all the executive go to an annual in-person planning executive meeting in Kingston. I am so pleased to continue being involved with my profession post-retirement. I intend to keep my registration through CNO as long as possible. 

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? Please email SNIG at if you would like to become part of our executive, as a student, as Policy and Political Action ENO or member at large. 

*  I know that nursing work is increasingly difficult and stressful. Perhaps you would enjoy our next Webinar on  November 20 7-8pm on zoom . It will be on Travel Nursing with Adrienne Kappes. Adrienne has worked with the military and government internationally and within Canada.  We have planned monthly webinars over the next few months. 

OTHER NEWS: RNAO has many priorities at present. I attended a demonstration on Sept. 25 at Queens Park protesting increased privatization of our health-care system. Doris Grinspun was keynote speaker at a second demonstration on Sept. 26. 

* I am also working with the Ontario Nurses for the Environment Interest Group, conducting literature reviews. It is hoped RNAO will do research into developing a greener health-care System. RNAO is sending the chair of the Ontario Nurses for the Environment Nursing Group, Rob Samulack to the United Nations Conference of Parties 28 in Dubai. 

I have lots more I could discuss, but I don't want this email to be too long. I plan to send them regularly to communicate to our members and give some news. It is a curse and an opportunity to live in difficult and interesting times.

My best wishes go out to all the front-line nurses!

Brenda Hutton, chair

Staff Nurse Interest Group, RNAO