Happy Nurses Week from SNIG !

Posted on May 5, 2021, 3:38 p.m.

Happy Nurses Week ( May 10-16) to all Staff Nurses!

Nurses: A Voice to Lead — Nursing the World to Health.

With Nursing Week approaching and  nurses in the throes of the Covid Pandemic the Nursing Voice has never been stronger. We have seen leaders come out of this Pandemic. Nurses who have never spoken out before have made their voices heard. The Staff Nurse Interest Group would like to feature some of these nurses. Perhaps it is YOU! or someone you work with! Can you take a few minutes of what we know is very precious time to do a write-up or a short video( pics are lovely)  that  features what made you do what you or others did to make yourself/ them heard! Did it make a difference to morale or make  work more bearable. The item will be featured on our Instagram story and Facebook/ Twitter. It will be on a first come , first served basis  until we reach  7. If we should have more we would use them past nursing week. All staff nurses in all venues of nursing are welcome to submit. Please send the entries to our g-mail account. staffnurseinterestgroup@gmail.com

SNIG thanks all Nurses for all you do.! We hope all will have a Happy Nurses Week and pray that everyone stays Safe and Healthy !

SNIG executive!