Reclaim 2020 as OUR Year of the Nurse!

Posted on June 5, 2020, 11:42 a.m.

In my 52 years of Nursing I do not think I have ever been more challenged or have questioned myself for choosing the profession of Nursing as I have in 2020. Covid-19 has seen worldwide healthcare strained to its max. Faces of exhausted nurses fill the pages of newspapers. Nurses cannot get daycare for their children because the public is afraid. There are shortages of PPE. Nurses are afraid of what they might bring home to their families. Student Nurses and young grads are being exposed to something that most of us have never seen in our lifetime and yet--- Nurses still can and do make a difference in every life they encounter. Whether it is to see a baby born in these difficult times, Holding a hand of a dying elderly patient whose family can’t be with them, fighting for someone’s life in an ICU , perhaps your have seen so much you question whether you have PTSD, or you may be fighting for change in the systems we work in .

Nurses have a strong voice and are at the forefront of healthcare.

Let us “RECLAIM 2020 as OUR YEAR of the NURSE!”  

Join the NSO and the Staff Nurse Interest Group as we present a panel of nurses and our future nurses as they give their experiences of working through. Covid-19 . Maybe you will see yourself in their experiences!

We would love you to join us Saturday June 13, 2020  from 900am to 1100 am via Zoom!   

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This session will be archived on the NSO and SNIG websites.

Una Ferguson
SNIG Chair