SNIG NewsFlash

Posted on April 17, 2020, 2:51 p.m.

Hello SNIG Members:

Writing to you in time of Covid-19. It is a time when the work of nurses is being appreciated by our country. I had planned to retire but I decided to defer for now as I want to be part of the health care workforce.  Like most of you I gave fears and anxieties. I work in a psychiatric facility.  

I just took part in a CNA webinar today-Coffee with Claire - Nurses Mental Health Needs.  Claire Betker is the president of CNA.  It was excellent - practical and useful tips to help us cope in this stressful time. I urge you to watch it on CNA website or YouTube.  I will share some of the information:

** It is most important to voice and share our fears and anxieties.  It is not a weakness to be afraid. It is reasonable and normal. Share with friends, family, or work peers.  Use your workplace EAP. 

** Be compassionate with yourself and others. Accept your emotions and don't judge others for their's. 

**Be a good listener  Ask your peers how they are doing and what their fears are.

**Practice self care. Find something that fills you up. Some suggestions - yoga, journaling, walking, music, films 

** Some helpful apps are Calm, Head Space, Mindfulness 

** Develop a buddy system, someone to talk to

**  Most of us feel guilt.  Perhaps we believe others are facing more dangers than ourselves. Perhaps we are guilty about neglecting family or exposing them to danger.  Identify losses you have experienced. Life  is not a competition. Accept and feel your sorrow or fear. Be self compassionate.

** Take care of yourself and take care if others. Compassion is most important. 

Thank you for the difficult and valuable work that you do. We are essential workers!

Brenda Hutton SNIG ENO