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About BNLC

Black Nurses Leading Change (BNLC) emanates from the work of RNAO's Black Nurses Task Force, and continues to inform RNAO and our members on issues affecting Black nurses and nursing students. BNLC advocates for anti-Black racism, seeks to offer mentorship, and provides continuing education. It is a safe space for Black nurses and nursing students, and their allies, to network and interact with each other.

Mission: BNLC’s mission is to tackle anti-Black racism in the nursing profession and advocate for the professional advancement of Black nurses.

Cost of interest group: $25, free for undergraduate students. 

2021 - 2022 BNLC executive:
Co-Chairs: Daria Adèle Juüdi-Hope, RN, BNSc, MPH 
                   Dania Versailles, RN, MScN, CPMHN(C)

Communication ENO: Sherida Chambers RN, MSN

Finance ENO: Adekunbi Taiwo RN, MClSc-WH, BScN, RN

Membership ENO:  Paula Wallace

Policy ENOs: Corsita Garraway RN(EC)-Adult, BScN, MScN-FNP, DNP(c)
                        Dr. Angela Cooper Brathwaite RN, MN, PhD

Student Representative: Ola Abanta Thomas Obewu