• as an interest group of RNAO, to actively support the initiatives of RNAO
  • to provide a forum for communication and exchange of ideas
  • to promote awareness of the roles of parish nurses and to serve as liaison with RNAO, CNA and other groups in promoting certification of parish nurses
  • to provide professional support for parish nurses
  • to encourage the formation of liaison groups throughout Ontario
  • to support implementation of standards of practice for parish nursing
  • to encourage participation of parish nurses in education and research
  • to ascertain the feasibility of the FCNIG being a corporate group member in the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry

President/Chair: Ola Babalola
President-elect: vacant
Past-President: Anne-Marie Mohler
Finance Executive Network Officer: May Tao
Membership Executive Network Officer: Lily Cugliari-Kobayashi
Communication Executive Network Officer: Gloria Wiebe
Social Media Executive Network Officer: Maria Lippa
Policy and Political Action Executive Network Officer: vacant 
Student Executive Network Officer: vacant
Region 1-5: vacant
Region 6:  Lily Cugliari-Kobayashi 
Region 7:  Vacant
Region 8: vacant
Region 9:  Jeanne Lambert 
Region 10: vacant 
Region 11: Dot Klein

Last Updated: September 28, 2022