Parish Nursing Education Resources

  1. Foundations in Parish Nursing – St. Peters Seminary


Online Course: Parish Nursing: Facilitating Wholistic Health through the Lifespan

Five Week Course Consists of the following topics:

  • Session One: Wholistic Health of Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults
  • Session Two: Wholistic Health of Middle and Older Adults
  • Session Three: Caring for Families in the Faith Community
  • Session Four: Impact and Management of Chronic Illness on Families
  • Session Five: End of Life Transitions

Course Facilitator: Debbie Belowitz, RN, BScN, Parish Nurse; Elsie Millerd, RN, BN Diploma in CS, MTS

Online Course:   The Parish Nurse as Counsellor and Spiritual Companion

Five Week Course consists of the following topics:

  • Session One: Pastoral Care / Spiritual Care Giving
  • Session Two: Counselling in Parish Nurse Ministry
  • Session Three: Wholistic Health Promotion: The Parish Nurse as Facilitator of Wellness
  • Session Four: Mental Health and the Parish Nurse
  • Session Five: Grief, Loss and Suffering

Course Facilitator: Debbie Belowitz, RN, BScN, Parish Nurse; Elsie Millerd, RN, BN Diploma in CS, MTS

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2. Concordia University College of Alberta - Parish Nursing

Department of Religious Studies

3.  Faith Community Nursing - Westberg Institute…

1.  Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM)

CAPNM is committed to the development of parish nursing as a health and ministry    resource within Canada.Their vision is to see parish nursing recognized as an essential dimension to the integration of faith and health within diverse faith communities across Canada

2.  InterChurch Health Ministries (ICHM)

ICHM seeks to enable understanding and vision for health and healing ministries in congregations and communities, assisting the movement towards whole person health: body, mind and spirit. They promote resources for and support parish nursing ministry in partnership with congregations.

ICHM Newsletter 

3.  Spiritual Care Association (SCA)

SCA is a multidisciplinary, international professional membership association for spiritual care providers that establishes evidence-based quality indicators, scope of practice and a knowledge base for spiritual care. (Nursing Division)

4.  Interfaith Dialogue Resources

Canadian Multifaith Federation, 3570 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 207, North York, ON. M2H 3S2, Canada. email:

Order Golden Rule Posters, Multifaith Information Manual 6th ed., Supplies, Worship, Meditation Resources, Religious Books & Gifts for any faith groups.

The Interfaith Dialogue 200 Quotations compiled by Paul McKenna       Nov18-with-links Final.pdf 

Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others by Barbara Brown Taylor, Harper Collins   Publishers, 2019

Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time, Karen Armstrong, HarperCollins Publishers. 2006


5.  Canadian Team Researches Parish Nursing Literature

A scoping review of parish nursing literature has recently been published in the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. The team of authors are part of the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry research committee and have been working on this project for over three years.   The team of registered nurse authors includes Elsie Millerd, Andrea Fisher,  Jeanne Lambert and Kathy Pfaff as well as current and former members of the committee who initiated and supported the extensive review work.

This is the permanent link to their peer-reviewed work entitled 'What are the Characteristics of Parish nursing Research Literature and How Can it Inform Parish Nursing Practice and Research in Canada? A Scoping Review' is