About Ontario Woundcare Interest Group

Cost of Interest Group: $40; $20 for undergraduate nursing students
Website: ontwig.rnao.ca


We are a group of interdisciplinary health care professionals representing all health care sectors who lead, promote and influence wound prevention and treatment of public policy for all citizens in our Ontario Health Care System.


To support Ontarians' right to access to wound prevention and treatment, the Ontario Woundcare Interest Group will influence public policy related to uptake and utilization of evidence-informed practice.


  • Establish a network of interprofessional colleagues interested in wound prevention and treatment across all health care sectors across Ontario
  • Promote evidence-informed practice in wound prevention and treatment in all health care sectors by facilitating access to best practice guidelines
  • Support access to timely and appropriate resources necessary for the prevention and treatment of wounds
  • Ensure education includes basic wound prevention and treatment in interprofessional core curricula for health care professionals

Why Join OntWIG?

OntWIG is a province-wide interest group with the resources of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario available to assist in developing and expanding the voice of healthcare providers who are committed to influencing public policy to improve wound care prevention and treatment for all Ontarians.

OntWIG provides you with a collective strong voice for your clinical perspective, since OntWIG's focus is on ensuring all members of the interdisciplinary team are heard.

OntWIG is a group that encourages discussion and action that will impact wound care prevention and treatment across the continuum of care. Members from all sectors (acute, long term care, chronic and community) are invited to join.


  • Advancing wound care health policy in Ontario to reflect evidence-informed practice.
  • Provide a forum for identifying health care delivery issues related to access to best practices in wound care.
  • Networking with inter-professional wound care clinicians.

Contact: Valerie Winberg