Aspiring Authors Artistic Space hosted by Faith Community Nursing International (FCNI)

Posted on Sept. 7, 2023, 2:28 p.m.

Hello members! Need help with a writing project? This is a space for you! This Saturday September 9th from 12 pm to 2 pm ET, or 11 am to 1pm CT, FCNI is hosting the " Aspiring Authors Artistic Space." A sacred space to promote writing! The intent is to create creative artistic space, set aside the time, and establish the discipline to write. Bring your current project, which might be a prayer, manuscript, book, or devotional. You will be focusing on your project within the support of a writing community.

 Preparation-please bring:

·       A writing project—have your computer open, a pad of paper, pen/pencil, and be prepared to write

·       Lunch or snacks, a beverage or a cup of coffee or tea

·       Devoted time to focus on your writing without interruptions. Consider muting your phone, closing your email, and shutting your door

Registration: Required, however the cost is free. To Register please go to:

Program: We will start out in prayer and each participant will briefly describe their work during the first 15 minutes. Then we’ll write for 1.5 hours and come back to report our progress during the last 15 minutes. We will have fun and accomplish a writing goal!

Following the third session we will conduct an evaluation to determine the value of the program and if we should continue further!


Michelle Solomon