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MPP Meeting with Rob Flack (MPP London-Middlesex)

Date: Friday, December 9, 2022
Time: 1:30pm

We have successfully scheduled a meeting with Mr Rob Flack MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London on December 9, 2022 at 1:30pm.

If you are a constituent of Mr Flack, and would like to share your stories about the RN-staffing crisis in your area, please contact Janet Hunt, Chapter President, at  



Janet Hunt – Chapter President 

Janet Hunt, our chapter treasurer and president, has over 30 years nursing experience within acute care, chronic care and mental health nursing. Janet recently stepped down from full time work and has supported the Middlesex London Health Unit in their covid vaccination clinics. She also is a clinical instructor with the Western-Fanshawe school of nursing. She has also been actively involved in RNAO; sitting in numerous committees supporting the organization and acting as region 2 representative on RNAO Board of Directors, as well as chapter president of Middlesex-Elgin. She has advocated for the social determinants of health, engaging local politicians, from all levels of government with health care information at the local level. 

Carina Jacob - Finance Executive Network Officer

Carina has been an RNAO member since 1st year of nursing school. She served as a student representative for two years. Since then, Carina has gained nursing experience as a bedside nurse on the PCU at Parkwood Institute. She now works as a Palliative Pain & Symptom Management Consultant in London Middlesex and Oxford Elgin. She is pleased to be returning to a more active role with the RNAO as an executive member with the ME chapter.


Erika Juhasz – Policy and Political Action ENO

My name is Erika, and I am your Political Action and Policy Officer for the RNAO Middlesex-Elgin chapter! I have over five years of experience working with municipal, provincial and federal advocacy campaigns, so I am very passionate about this role and excited to support our chapter's nurses in this capacity. I am a public health nurse, and my education and training have largely been around public health, specifically infection prevention and control. You can find me travelling around the world when I'm not working or studying. 

Nicole Forster – Communications ENO

Nicole is the Communication Network Officer for Middlesex Elgin. She graduated from the Western-Fanshawe BSCN program in 2019, and currently works in spinal cord injury rehabilitation at Parkwood as a bed side nurse. She has discovered a passion for rehabilitation nursing, patient centered care, and teaching taking on IP nursing students as a preceptor. She hopes to expand her nursing experience into palliative care, mental health, and harm reduction in the future. Nicole has been involved in the RNAO since her first year of nursing school as a student member, and going on to be the Fanshawe and Western student liaison for the Chapter and Western Fanshawe Students' Association in the 2 years following. She is excited to be involved once again with the Chapter for her second year as an RN in the Communications role!

Brandon Duncan - Membership ENO

My name is Brandon Duncan I have been nursing since 2009. I currently work in the paediatric emergency room. I have a passion for disaster/emergency medicine and currently on the board of directors for the Canadian medical assistance team. 

Danielle Gibbs - Workplace Liaison 

My name is Danielle Gibbs and I’m the Workplace liaison officer for the Middlesex Elgin Chapter. I have a BN and an MSN and have worked in a variety of nursing settings: LTC, Med-Surg, ER and Critical Care (ICU/CCU/SDU). I ventured into management for almost a year and found it was not for me. I have gone back to the bedside to re-evaluate what I would like to do with my career- whether that is an educator or NP. In addition, I recently moved to St Thomas from Owen sound and I’m hoping to connect with the community here and get involved.

Lannie Sedon - Social Media Executive Network Officer

My name is Lannie Seddon and I am excited to join the RNAO Middlesex Elgin chapter as the Social Media network officer. I graduated from Western University in 2021 and have been working at Victoria Hospital in the Adult Medicine department since. Throughout my BScN I was a student member with the RNAO and was actively involved in the Faculty of Health Sciences Student Council in addition to the Western-Fanshawe Nursing Students Association. I am very passionate about palliative care and practicing nursing with an equitable lens that improves access to health and healthcare for all. 

Hannah Booth - Student Liaison 

My name is Hannah Booth and I'm a second-year nursing student at Western University. I currently work as an operating room assistant at Victoria Hospital and would love to continue as an RN in the OR. I love to keep busy: I currently hold two executive positions with the RNAO (Staff Nurse Interest Group, and Middlesex/Elgin Chapter), I am the VP of Events for two UWO clubs, I hold a seat on the Arthur Labatt School of Nursing council, and I am a peer mentor for first year nursing students at Western! I'm super excited to be a part of the Middlesex/Elgin chapter executive team this year.

Tatianna Minsky – Student Representative (University of Western Ontario)

Tatiana is the RNAO student representative for the Western Fanshawe Nursing Students Association at the Western University site. In this role she communicates the RNAO's agenda items, educational resources, and promotes membership signup to nursing students at Western University. Tatiana is currently completing the Compressed BScN program at Western University and a clinical placement on the Cardiac Care Unit at University Hospital. She hopes to pursue a career in child and maternal health after graduation in 2023.


Adora Dalisay - Student Representative (Fanshawe College)



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