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The RNAO Durham Northumberland Chapter works actively to support Registered Nurses in their daily practice. We are a passionate group of Registered Nurses and students working with local MPPs to influence healthy public policy, providing continuing education opportunities to nurses and other healthcare professionals in the Durham Northumberland region, and supporting nursing students and new nurses in developing their career and providing means to network and be mentored by seasoned nurses.

To learn about our chapter and chapter events, connect with us and follow us on social media:

Facebook: RNAO Durham - Northumberland Chapter

Twitter: @RNAO_durham


President - Regina Elliott
Finance - Maya Thottumkal
Membership - Nuzhat Sirjuddeen
Political Action - Kathleen Pikaart and Sepelene Deonarine
Communications and Information Technology - Dhara Shah
Workplace Liaison - Vacant
Social Media - Vacant

Student Liaison - Kristen Ross, Sasha-Lee Allen

Region 8 Board Representative:Beatriz Jackson