Join NPIG's private Facebook group

Posted on Oct. 5, 2020, 10:40 p.m.

Dear members,

We hope that this email finds you and your family healthy in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Your strength in continuing to support your families, patients and do not forget, yourselves, in these constantly changing times is making a difference.

RNAO is the professional association for RNs, NPs and nursing students and at the same time supports the health of Ontarians – this is why we have chosen to maintain our membership with RNAO as NPs. 

We hope that as a profession, we can be strong and demonstrate to the public and government that we as NPs have much to offer. If you are a student or RN wondering if you want to be an NP, this is the spot for you!

Our hopes are that the RNAO Nurse Practitioner Interest Group's (NPIG) private Facebook (FB) group will provide a safe and private place to voice our concerns as well as share educational opportunities, our knowledge and passion. 

This FB group also provides a forum to bring forward issues in patient care such as professional issues for NPs as a nursing discipline, regardless of physical location or specialties of practice.

Let’s take full advantage of this forum and become a strong voice for Ontario NPs. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all 3,000+ NPs and NP students connect on Facebook?

As an NPIG member, you are invited to join this group by clicking this link and answering the ‘Group Rules’ prior to being admitted into the private FB group.

Thank you to those who have already clicked the link after our first email on April 13, 2020, Please share the love with your RNAO & NPIG contacts. The RNAO membership renewal date is fast approaching. New members to NPIG are also invited to join this FB page.

We will be monitoring the group and answering any questions as they arise. Watch for posts about relevant issues, events and opportunities. Our executive group contact information can be found here as well. 

Remember this is OUR private FB group - please add posts and comment as you like! There are also helpful links in the ‘FILES’ - please post there too.


NPIG executive team