Announcing RNAO-CTNIG President Elect Katrina Graham!

Posted on Oct. 4, 2021, 10:43 a.m.

Dear CTNIG Members,

CTNIG is excited to announce Katrina Graham as the successful candidate for the CTNIG President Elect position! Congratulations Katrina.

Katrina is a long-time CTNIG member, and she has held many leadership roles with CTNIG.  In 2019 Katrina was received the CTNIG Award of Excellence for her dedication to Indigenous and traditional healing arts, complementary therapies, and the CTNIG community.

“I am honoured to continue to work with all of you in the CTNIG president elect and eventually the president role.

Each of you have inspired me, and I m so grateful we can continue to walk this path together. 

Chi Miigwetch (big thank you!)”

- Catrina Graham, RNAO-CTNIG President Elect 

We are delighted as Katrina begins her journey to serve as CTNIG President Elect.  In 2022 Katrina will begin her term as CTNIG President.  

With warmth,

Jacquie Dover (she/her), RNAO-CTNIG President (2020-2022) 

On behalf of the RNAO-CTNIG Executive and Leadership Team