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Cost of Interest Group: $25; $10 for new grads/retired/unemployed; free for undergraduate nursing students (who belong to the RNAO) 

We are a professional group for RNs, NPs, and undergraduate nursing students (UNS) who are practising, or are interested in complementary therapies. We are also an Associated Interest Group which means >70% of members are RNs, NPs, & UNS, and the balance of membership <30% can be nurses and students who are not members of the RNAO, RPNs, other healthcare professionals, or members of the public. Therefore nurses who are retired from the CNO can be members!

Complementary therapies are becoming a part of health care  and wellness for more & more people. More nurses are using it in their practice, or referring to it. Nurses in this growing field can benefit from sharing their experiences with one another and developing common strategies. RNAO, by fulfilling its mandate of "speaking out for health, speaking out for nursing", is supporting, acting as a resource for, and raising the profile of nurses who practise complementary therapies.

To have complementary therapies recognized, incorporated and integrated into nursing and health care in Ontario.

Recognizing that nursing involves a holistic approach whereby all persons are an integrated mind, body, & spirit entity. The Complementary Therapies Nurses' Interest Group (CTNIG) promotes the practice of complimentary therapy as part of nursing practice. The CTNIG does this through support, recognition, networking, research, and political action as well as education opportunities related to complimentary therapy for nurses and the public.


  • Provide vision, support, direction, and leadership for the advancement of complimentary therapy in nursing practice, education, research, administration and political arenas.
  • Honour the advancement of complimentary therapy in nursing practice, education, research, administration and political arenas.
  • Interact with consumers, health-care professionals and related health care organizations and health-care systems for the advancement of complimentary therapy.
  • Influence the Ontario and Canadian health-care systems through political action to integrate complimentary therapy as part of quality, comprehensive health care.
  • Support nurses to engage in self-care practices.
  • Promote quality of work life for nurses through integration of complementary therapy in the workplace.

Benefits of Membership

  • For self care
  • To receive words of encouragement and support from others who value complementary therapies
  • To find allies and new ideas on how to further raise awareness of complementary therapies
  • To keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening throughout Ontario in relation to complementary therapies
  • To increase your personal profile and that of your specialty(s)
  • To network with other nurses, health-care professionals and members of the public who are involved in complementary therapies
  • To affiliate with other complementary therapy providers and organizations
  • To access research information and opportunities with a focus on complementary therapies
  • To access education opportunities with a focus on complementary therapies
  • To become involved in creating policy related to complementary therapies
  • To receive the newsletter of CTNIG
  • To participate in CTNIG's annual general meeting
  • To add your voice to the pardigm shift toward integrative health care
  • To participate in changing nursing education, nursing practice and the health-care system in Ontario
  • To develop strategies for local involvement that will contribute to making all of the above a reality in our province

Check our website for more information. 
President: Kelly Osborn Willowgreen;
Past President: Kim M Watson
President-elect: Vacant  
Communication Officer: Vacant
Education Officer: Piroska Bata
Research Officer: Kathy Moreland - AVAILABLE
Financial Officer: Vacant
Policy & Political Action Officer: Farnaz Michalski
Membership Officer: Vacant
Social Media Officer: Sandra Milley
Student Liaison: Erina Park