CTNIG National Nurses Week Events

Posted on May 1, 2021, 8:02 p.m.

In recognition of this years National Nurses Week the CTNIG is hosting two evenings of Guided Meditations for our CTNIG members . 


Please join us for a night of relaxation and restorative self-care on May 10th and 11th from 7:00pm-8:00pm. 


Event #1:  Monday May 10th: “Regeneration and integration of individual and collective strengths and connections through mindfulness based imagery and breath work”.

This session has been developed and tailored specifically to meet the present need identified by Nurses that are on the front lines right now. 


  • Guided by: We’waskone’gon, Mu’izza (Coleen) Mizen, RN (non-practicing) 
  • Date: Monday May 10th 
  • Time: 7pm-8pm via Zoom
  • To register email info@rnao-ctnig.org


Event #2:  Tuesday May 11th: "Heart to Heart Meditation":

This meditations session meditation session is facilitated by CTNIG's Farnaz Michalski.


  • Guided by: Farnaz Michalski RN
  • Date: Tuesday May 11th 
  • Time: 7pm-8m via Zoom
  • To register email info@rnao-ctnig.org


We look forward to seeing you!


CTNIG Leadership Team