Cost : FREE for BScN students & $20 for RNs, NPs

Vision: INAIG envisions more Indigenous representation and education in nursing and health-care settings to create safer and more inclusive and accessible spaces for members of Indigenous populations.  

Mission: To advocate for nursing practice that follows the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action, foster environments free of racism and anti-Indigenous discrimination and that promote culturally safe health care.

Resolution statement: An interest group for Indigenous nurses, nurses caring for Indigenous clients and nurses who strive to educate others in issues for Indigenous clients and health care providers.

This group aims to equip providers with the tools to advocate for change through the use of evidence informed as well as culturally safe practices. 

Overall Goals:

  • To support reconciliation and the TRC calls to action
  • To support the Indigenous community
  • To support allies to the Indigenous community


  • To challenge racism, anti- Indigenous discrimination and colonialist structures to create an environment in healthcare that is a culturally safe space.
  • To facilitate evidence informed nursing care that reflects the needs of the Indigenous population (First nations, Metis and Inuit).
  • To advocate for Indigenous clients, significant others, friends, family members and be able to provide resources, support and knowledge for nurses, students and their communities.


2022 - 2023 INAIG Executive - As of August 12 2022

Chair: Victoria Guido

Past Chair : Rachel Radyk

Policy and Political Action Officer: Maggie Copeland

Social Media Executive Network Officer: Alicia Gonzalez

Communications Executive Network Officer: vacant

Membership Executive Network Officer: Megan Kobzick

Indigenous Ally seat Executive Network Officer: Sarah Beanlands

Education & Research Executive Network Officer: Sara Williams

Workplace Liaison: Laura Patterson