RNFOO Awards

Posted on Jan. 26, 2021, 11 a.m.

To RetNIG :

I hope that you are well, and holding up under all of the strain of life in pandemic times.

Are you familiar with the Registered Nurses' Foundation of Ontario?  RNFOO administers a portfolio of scholarships that are available to nurses and nursing students.  For this year's annual application process, we have 68 awards worth more than $80,000 to distribute.

We are looking for a few nurses who have experience in nursing supervision and/or nursing education to help us evaluate the applications that are coming in.  If you have been a preceptor for nursing students, or if you have managed staff, you know what strengths, skills, and knowledge are needed to make a good nurse.

Here are a few details about the review process:

  *   All applications are in an on-line data base.  Reviewers are given access to the applications through the RNFOO website.
  *   There is a scoring rubric provided.
  *   Applicants provide a wide range of materials for evaluation including official transcripts, reference letters, statements about their experience and their goals.
  *   All applications are scored independently by a team of two people who then meet to determine their scores to submit.  Each team reviews 12 to 15 applications.
  *   All reviewers who are new to the process are teamed with someone who has participated in the past.
  *   There is an orientation webinar for reviewers offered on February 8.  A recording of the session will be posted in the reviewers resource area.
  *   After scores are submitted, they are collated and 'contenders' for awards are considered at the Review Panel Meeting.  Teams are assigned to ensure that at least one        member can attend this meeting.  The Panel works hard to find the applicants that best fit the various award criteria.

Important dates:
Webinar for Reviewers:  February 8, 2021
Applications distributed to reviewers by end of day Feb 10, 2021
Scores due from reviewers by noon Friday February 26, 2021
Review Panel Meeting:  Wednesday March 3rd, 2021, on Zoom

Thank you for considering this request.  If you would like to participate, please contact the RNFOO office: info@rnfoo.org.  If you would like to ask more questions, you can contact Marianne Cochrane , Vice-President, Awards & Scholarships  Marianneecrn@gmail.com  

Again, thanks for considering and if you know of anyone who might be interested, please share this information and contacts with them.

Stay Safe.

Heather Jones
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