About RetNIG

Cost: $15

RetNIG (Retired Nurses' Interest Group) is focused on the careers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners and is open to any RNAO member who has retired or who is considering retirement. Our motto is  " Wisdom and Resilience" - The Retired RN

Membership is also open to nursing students who wish to learn from long-time career nurses.

The activities of the interest group will include mentoring and supporting nurses at all stages of their careers, education and political action. The interest group will work to ensure retired nurses do not feel isolated especially for those who wish to remain connected to the nursing profession and their professional association.

Activities for the year will be posted on the RetNIG webpage  and events will be posted on our social media platforms ( Facebook Instagram and Twitter) as well as through membership email.  

RetNIG 's annual general meeting (AGM) will take place during the weekend of RNAO's AGM, which is held each spring.

Our executive can be reached at retnig21.rnao@gmail.com

2023 - 2024 Executive:


Una Ferguson

Past Chair

Marianne Cochrane

Policy ENO:

Betty Oldershaw

Membership ENO

Adrienne Kappes

Finance ENO:

Brenda Hutton

Communications ENO:

Una Ferguson

Social Media/IT ENO:

Sarah Elfkhalifa


Last updated: August 8,, 2023

Executive 2023-2024

Executive 2023-2024