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IPNIG Members, We Need Your Expertise!

Posted on Nov. 9, 2018, 6:32 p.m.

Members, We Need Your Expertise!  Become an IPNIG Leader! … more

Minimal Commitment!

Help with Projects— Hands-On Experience—Become Executive Leader


The question to ask yourself, “Should I become involved in IPNIG Work?” The answer is definitely, “YES”


"What benefit will I get from helping IPNIG?”  The answer, “Many!”   … more


►Help as a Volunteer!

IPNIG is seeking pro-active members to become volunteers. Think of the vast learning curve as an IPNIG Volunteer!  … more   

Volunteers are introduced at the November 24, 2018  Annual General Meeting AGM … Upcoming Events

Members who want to volunteer their help .... send enquiries to

  • Project Workers
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Leadership Trainee
  • Executive Officers
  • Members at Large
  • Student /New Graduate  

►Become an Executive Leader!

Read the description of IPNIG Executive Leader Positions and terms of office ... click here  

IPNIG members are invited to nominate themselves or nominate a fellow IPNIG a member … nomination form

Members are asked to Include a 250-word statement why becoming an IPNIG Executive Leader is meaningful to them.

IPNIG members can email their IPNIG Nomination form for IPNIG Executive Leader to RNAO, attention Carrie Edwards or fax a copy to RNAO, to the attention of Carrie Edwards 416.599.1926

Members are asked to email a copy of their nomination form, to be an IPNIG Leader, to IPNIG administration team  

IPNIG Executive Leaders thank you for your support!