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Cost of the interest group: $35 for RNs; free for undergraduate nursing students


Independent Practice Nurses Interest Group (IPNIG) is a provincial interest group of registered nurses within the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO).

Definition of Independent Private Practice Registered Nurse

The IPNIG represents registered nurses working in a variety of primary health care services. An independent practice nurse is defined as "a registered nurse who provides professional nursing services, as a proprietor of a business, through direct patient care, education, research, administration or consultation" (Nurse Entrepreneurship -Seizing the Challenge by Carol L Hamilton).

Mission Statement
IPNIG will promote awareness of the diversity of the work performed by independently practicing nurses through professional recognition, political and social action, and public education.

Guiding Principles
Based on principles of the primary health care model, IPNIG will contribute its efforts to nursing theory development, research, quality professional standards, evidence-based clinical practices, continuous education, and enhancement of public knowledge and political support actions to ensure a health care delivery system that meets the population needs.

IPNIG Brochureview


Chair: Piroska Bata
Finance Executive Network Officer: Olivia Brundia
Membership Executive Network Officer: Betty Franklin 
Communication Executive Network Officer: Tracey Hotta
Social Media Executive Network Officer: Vacant
Policy and Political Action Executive Network Officer: Natalie Sang
Student Executive Network Officer: Vacant
Workplace Liaison Executive Network Officer: Vacant

Last updated: March 3, 2021