About INIG

Mission Statement

International Nursing Interest Group (INIG) is interested in promoting universally accessible, affordable and equitable health care for all. INIG endeavours to create an environment which fosters growth, understanding and collaboration on global issues that impact nurses and nursing practice locally, nationally and internationally.


INIG strives to meet the following objectives: 

  1. To provide opportunities for members to exchange ideas and information concerning health care and nursing issues in the context of international health experiences; 
  2. To provide and promote educational opportunities for nurses related to international health issues; 
  3. To increase awareness of developments and issues in primary health care using the WHO definition (1978); 
  4. To network with similar groups locally, nationally, and internationally to increase awareness of transcultural/international experiences; 
  5. To provide a forum for nurses to examine Ontario’s health-care system, comparing and contrasting it to other health-care systems nationally and internationally; 
  6. To disseminate information about RNAO and facilitate dialogue between the professional association and INIG; and
  7. To promote social justice and equity to all people (recipients or providers of health care).


INIG holds a minimum of two to three general meetings per year. Some of these meetings are coordinated through teleconferencing. INIG publishes and circulates two newsletters per year to keep all members informed of our activities. An educational event is offered at every meeting. Join INIG when you sign up or renew your RNAO membership.

Membership fees:

  • $25 for regular RNAO members
  • $20 for new grads
  • FREE for undergraduate nursing students

Meet INIG's current executive members.


Resources for Internationally Educated Nurses:

Recruitment of Internationally Educated Nurses Policy Brief

Current and future role of internationally educated nurses (IENs) in Canada

Listening to internationally educated nurses living in Ontario and eager to nurse


Have a question? Contact: INIGRNAO20@gmail.com