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Cost of interest group: $65; $30 for retired & associate members; free for undergraduate nursing students


About the GNAO
The GNAO was founded in Toronto in 1974 by a group of nurses united by a concern for the health and well-being of the older adult. The association incorporated in 1979 as a non-profit entity, with a provincial board and governing by-laws. In November 2011, GNAO entered into a conjoint relationship with the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (, expanding the voice and influence of our members to the national level.

The GNAO serves a membership of over 1,800 nurses and associates with 11 chapters throughout Ontario. Each chapter holds regular meetings as well as educational events and activities to enhance gerontological knowledge and practice and to advocate for older adults living in your community.

GNAO mission
To advocate for a high standard of nursing care and related health services for older persons and to promote professionalism in gerontological nursing practice.

Gerontological nursing practice is derived from a specific and evolving body of knowledge pertaining to nursing and the older person. GNAO has adopted the CGNA’s Gerontological Nursing Competencies and Standards of Practice 2010 and a link to these standards is available on our website:

Why join?
By joining the GNAO, you are influencing gerontological practices at the grassroots level, as well as at the provincial and national levels. Your membership is valued, whether you are actively engaged or demonstrating support for the work of others in our association.

  • support, foster and participate in political advocacy initiatives as GNAO representatives present the views of gerontological nurses to government, educational, professional and other appropriate bodies
  • enhance your nursing leadership by engaging in board and executive activities
  • participate in educational events for ongoing professional development in the field of gerontology
  • network with those who share your passion for gerontology
  • keep abreast of current gerontological issues and trends and promote gerontological nursing research through
  • perspectives, the online peer-reviewed CGNA journal
  • earn CL hours towards renewing your CNA Gerontological Nursing Certificate GNC(C)
  • assist in developing a supportive, healthy work-life environment for gerontological nurses in Ontario

Contact: GNAO Past President Therese Lim