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As of June 1st, 2022, Mississauga Chapter is a new Chapter to RNAO. 

The call for nomination process took place to  elect new Executive Networking Officers

Our new President is Paula Manuel (Past President Peel Chapter), once we have some bios for the other members of the team we'll update this page.

Ideas we're working on events to celebrate Mississauga Chapter members of RNAO, long-standing members 25 year and member emeritus individuals, we're coordinating Queen's Park on the Road--if you live in Mississauga Centre or Mississauga Malton it's an excellent opportunity to meet with your MPP.  Email us at and let's see one more item--any willing volunteers we have some needs for our Exec. or Members at Large (no portfolio you have a willingness to be involved).  Happy New Year!  2023 is already established let's get to volunteering in a positive way.  Take Care.


Should you have any questions, or wish to become involved, please contact